We provide accounting services for the following three main types of clients:

Owner Managed Businesses and Corporations. This major part of our client base includes shareholder-owned companies, sole proprietorships, and partnerships engaged in various types of businesses, including retail sales, importing, wholesaling, manufacturing , and professional services.

Non-Profits. We also have a substantial amount of experience with “non-profits”, which are more properly called “not-for-profit” organizations. Examples of “non-profits” include clubs set up for the benefit of the members (e.g. tennis clubs) , professional associations, and government funded agencies which provide support for people with special needs.

While the majority of our clients are businesses or organizations, our clientele also includes private individuals. Typically, these are people who need assistance in managing their financial affairs due to complex investment portfolios or other holdings, people who are thinking of going into business for themselves, or people needing help with the financial aspects of transitions in their lives such as estate planning, changes in marital status, the death of a spouse or a parent, etc.