Income Tax Checklist

Personal  income tax season, with its April 30 filing deadline is here, and it is time to get  your supporting  information to our office as per our  2022-S&A-PERSONAL-INCOME-TAX-CHECKLIST

Note that the filing deadline for personal income tax returns  is April 30 .  Self-employed people and their spouses have a bit longer and  must file their personal income tax by June 15


Our Firm is Incorporated

Our firm is incorporated as a Professional Corporation and our firm name is now “Stavreff & Associates CPA Professional Corporation”.

The firm has two partners: Julia Stavreff CPA CA , and Robert Pauksens CPA.

Our Domain Name

Some time ago , in order to facilitate a security upgrade of  our email and our website, we  changed our  internet domain name from to Please direct your emails to our staff to the email addresses shown on the  “contacts” page of our website.