Secure Data Transfer

Many of our clients prefer to  send and receive  their accounting or tax-related information electronically rather than by  paper copy. Usually this is done with email attachments,  but we can now provide web portal  access as well. The portal access can be  convenient when there are large numbers of files to be sent or received. Please contact us  if you would like us to set up portal access for you.

Our website and our emails as well as our  emails use SSL  (Secure Socket Layer) encryption, which means that data transmission to/from the website are encrypted and that email transmissions are encrypted while they are being  being transmitted to/from our or  email servers.

Our portal service provider is a   Canadian company called “Sync”, which is  headquartered in North York, Ontario, and has a large, established user base in Canada and the US.    Our  client portals are accessed with password protected internet links. The  portals, like our email,  use SSL encryption.

For sending  any highly sensitive PDF files by email we suggest the use of encrypted PDF.

Encrypted PDF
For sending PDF files securely by email  you first encrypt the files individually  with a PDF encryption program such as the full version of Adobe Acrobat or with an encryption program such as PDFENCRYPT, (which is available as free download from from

Once they have been  encrypted, the PDF file(s) can be sent as attachments  to regular emails. You should separately convey the encryption password to your recipient, e.g. by telephone or text message. For good resistance to password cracking software the password should consist of at least 8 characters, and include upper and lower case letters, numerals, and special characters, and should avoid use of English (or other natural language) word sequences.