We Have Returned to Working from the Office

The  Ontario regulation requiring “work from home whenever possible ” has recently been lifted,  and the Covid-19 hospitalization rate in Ontario has been starting to decline.  Hence we have again returned  to working primarily from the office.

Stringent facemask  and distancing protocols remain  in place at the office to minimize the risk of Covid-19  spread to our staff and clients. Our staff are required to confirm daily, prior to entering the office,   that they satisfy the provincial Covid-19 screening guidelines

Client meetings are preferably conducted by telephone or video call. However,   in-person meetings at the office may also be arranged. If you wish to have an in-person meeting please contact Julia or Robert to set it up.

Facemasks are to be worn by all present at such meetings. Clients will be asked screening questions to confirm that they are free of Covid symptoms,  have not had recent contact with people with an active case of Covid, and are compliant with current  quarantining rules  related to any recent out-of-country travel.