COVID-19 Mitigation Measures

In response to the unfolding COVID-19 situation in Ontario and the advice of the health authorities,  we  are closing our office effective Sunday March 22,  for a week. Our work continues,  but  all of our staff are now working from home.

Our Staff  all have their  business email accessible from home. The best way to reach them for online discussion, or to arrange a telephone meeting,  is  via their business email addresses, (which are shown on the “Contact us” page of this website). Paper  documentation that you may need to convey to us  can be dropped off by yourselves or couriered to our business address and left in the drop-box located just inside our main entrance.

Terri Heggum-Allen’s  firm, Loftus Allen CPA, with whom we share premises,  have the majority of their staff working remotely; but two or three of them are  continuing  to work out of the  office for now. If you are planning to do a drop-off, we recommend that you first contact Julia or one of our staff  people by e-mail. If you arrive at the office for a drop-off, and find the doors are locked , call our office number 416-621-8050, or the Loftus Allen office number 416-626-7333.  If someone is there, they  can let you in for the drop-off.


For both Julia Stavreff CPA and Loftus Allen CPA  the following Office Rules  are in place for COVID-19 mitigation:


To combat the spread of COVID-19 and protect our clients and our office staff we expect all staff to do the following:

  • Maintain a 6 foot “social distance” from other staff and clients.
  • No touching , handshaking, etc.
  • Work only in your own workstation.
  • After using common areas such as washrooms, kitchen area, and meeting rooms wipe down anything you’ve touched, and wash your hands with soap and water
  • Wipe surfaces before and after client visits (or internal meetings) in Boardroom or Meeting Room.
  • Before booking a meeting , verify with clients that they have not been out of country in the preceding two weeks, have not been diagnosed as having Covid-19, and have not met in the past two weeks with someone who has COVID-19. In any of these cases, under health authority guidance they are expected to self-quarantine. Defer the in-person meeting and/or recommend a telephone meeting instead.
  • Also verify with any clients wanting an in-person meeting that they not have COVID symptoms (basically the same as a bad cold or flu). If they have you should again defer the in-person meeting and/or recommend a telephone meeting instead.
  • In general, ask clients to meet and discuss matters over the telephone, rather than in-person, whenever possible.
  • Ensure that any of your clients visiting our office respect social distancing while here and encourage them to do so even when not at our offices
  • For drop-offs of paperwork, advise the clients to use our drop-boxes near the main office entrance rather than handing them to a receptionist. If they arrive and find the office doors locked, they may call the office telephone numbers (Loftus Allen 416-626-7333, Julia P Stavreff CA 416-621-8050) ; someone may be here who can let them to access the drop boxes (which are located in the front hallway just inside the office).
  • Even when away from the office, you and your family are strongly encourage to follow the general Health Authority guidance on Social Distancing. (See Toronto Public Health “COVID -19 Fact Sheet” which is posted in various places in the office.

Julia Stavreff    Terri Heggum-Allen